1000 Days of Marriage

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1000 days since the day we said “I do.” But who’s counting? Maybe a little goofy to know this. Not something that the average person is aware of but I was curious a while ago when this day would be so I looked it up and put it in my calendar (it is also in my shared calendar with Aaron so I may or may not be expecting 1000 day card when Aaron comes home… just kidding!). It may not be the most momentous occasion or the typical celebration but it is cool to think that we have been married for exactly 1000 days. That seems like a long time! So in honor of our 1000 day-a-versary, I thought I’d share, the top 1000 things that I have learned from our time together! Just kidding again! I broke it down a little more to 3 top 10’s (because 10 to the third power = 1000 for you math people out there). So here you go – my Top 10’s to the third power. Our journey in pictures and words. It has been quite a journey so far full of blessings and endless learning experiences. Through the ups and the downs, I am glad I experience each one with my best friend and my life partner.

Top 10 Moments Together

  1. Flying with Aaron on an airplane and getting hit in the head by a block of wood when he showed me zero gravity on our first date
  2. Biking 100 Miles to and from Tailors Falls in a day – getting lost and all! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Camping in the rainforest on a riverbed in Olympic National Park in Washington with a roaring fire and Mountains in the backgroundSAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Summitting Mt. Whitney on our last day of our three week hike on the John Muir Trail and making it just in time to see the sun risedownload (20)IMG_1537
  5. Zip-lining in Costa Rica IMG_0604
  6. Snorkeling on our HoneymoonR1-01116-024ASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
  7. Our many chats in what Aaron calls the “Chit Chat Room” of our house
  8. Going out to Las Vegas for the day spontaneously when I had a snow day at school
  9. When Aaron asked me to be his wife525974_3025476317474_408613000_n
  10. Our Wedding Day


The First 10 High Points

  • Minnesota


  • Arizona


  • Iowa


  • Nevada


  • California


  • Massachusetts


  • New York


  • New Hampshire


  • Vermont


  • Maine


Top 10 things I love about My Husband

  1. …..Supports me – Whether it is on a whim or a thought out risk that I am taking, Aaron is always there with an encouraging word and loving advice. He supports what I do and has positively influenced me to be a better person. From starting a blog to going deeper in my faith, Aaron is always there with an encouraging word and a listening ear when I need it the most.
  2. …..Considers me – One of the areas that I feel the most loved in with Aaron is when he considers me in the decisions that he makes. We are both individuals and make our individual decisions in our day to day life but Aaron takes the time to discuss with me and he considers me in what he does from what job he will take to what he does with his time.
  3. …..Listens to me – Over time, Aaron has learned that I can be a verbal processor and that I do not always need him to fix my problems. In this journey I have seen Aaron’s deep care for what I care about and his desire to want to help. He has learned to listen to me when I need it and the listening ear is sometimes what makes all the difference for me.
  4. …..Balances my crazy – We all have those moments, the keys are lost when we are late to work, all of a sudden a group of people are coming over and the house is not clean. Life has so many moments and seasons of stress. In these times, Aaron is so good at helping me put things into perspective, see the big picture and let go of the things I cannot control. He has a way of understanding what I am feeling and talking me off of a cliff.
  5. …..Laughs with me – One of my favorite things to do is laugh and Aaron has an amazing ability to make me do that! He has a great sense of humor but I think what lightens the mood the most is his ability to be silly with me and find the humor in situations. I love hearing Aaron laugh too. When he finds something funny, his laugh is so pure and genuine… it’s contagious.
  6. …..Works hard – One of the qualities that I admire most about my husband is his hard work. He works hard in everything that he does and for me this is such a good example. I appreciate his dedication and the way that he provides for me.
  7. …..Lets things go – As hard as it is to let things roll off of our shoulder, Aaron has an incredible ability to take things in strides. He has such an easy going personality and it is calming and relaxing to me. It is a wonderful trait to see the big picture and to remember the importance of the big things and to not allow the little things to become big things. Such an attitude really creates a positive atmosphere for us.
  8. …..Genuinely cares – Aaron is genuine. He tells it how it is. I usually can tell exactly what he is thinking and feeling, but his honesty is refreshing because to his core he cares and his love for others is genuine and real.
  9. …..Spontaneously adventurous – This attribute is one that I absolutely love and appreciate and has been what has sparked many of our adventures together (see My Top Ten Moments). He has helped me grow in this area and the moments that we have shared together have been bright points in my life.
  10. ……Loving Unconditionally – Self Explanatory 🙂


1000 days down, many more to go. The journey continues but one thing that I have learned is the importance of taking time out of my day to appreciate what I have and appreciate the so many good things in my life. It is so easy, in the day to day, to get caught up in the little things, the stressors. I appreciate this opportunity to recognize the good, when I take time to do this daily, it puts things in perspective and helps me remember all the good… one of the many things I have learned from my husband. Take time today to recognize the good.