Appreciating the Season

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If you have known me for any length of time, you probably have a slight understanding of my aversion to winter. The roads…. the weather…. the weather…. the temperature…. the weather….. the roads…. BLEH! As a girl that enjoys the outdoors and the fresh air, I cannot stand to have my breath literally taken away by the wind chill that is sitting at 30 below zero. I miss going outside, going for a run without layering up, and a clean car!

This weekend was a rare weekend, as I felt like I got a glimpse past the frozen tundra that Minnesota hibernates into for the months of December, January, and February! It was beautiful and I was able to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. The temperature (sitting around 30 ABOVE zero) was exhilarating!

This weekend, Aaron and I had the opportunity to go up North and spend time at a friend’s cabin. As the weekend drew closer, last week, I have to admit, I was becoming a little nervous as the people were becoming sick. Luckily, we all made it! Kelsey made it a little late but I was so glad she came to spend time with me! Love every moment of fun with that girl! IMG_1343[1]

Throughout the weekend we were able to go out cross country skiing, knee boarding, and four-wheeling (instead of snowmobiling because there was barely any snow! I was ok with that). We played a lot of games and I really just appreciated the time to get away and relax. There is something about being removed from your home that you can really allow yourself to destress and relax without thinking about the next project or thing on your to-do list.


I have to tell you though, some of those winter activities are slightly more challenging for me than my normal summer activities. Maybe it is the ice, but then again maybe it is my complete and utter lack of coordination. It was probably a combination that caused my many wipe outs during cross country skiing. I wish Aaron would have counted the amount of times that he looked back to see me sprawled out on the ice, trying to find a way back to my feet. I think the fan favorite of the weekend was when I fell flat on my back, walking out to the lake. I am not talking about a graceful fall. I am talking, feet running in mid air, arms flailing, landing flat on my back and looking up at the sky with nothing to do but laugh at myself. Some may say, I am the most graceful….

I can’t end this post about my weekend without mentioning the heartbreaking way in which it ended. I am saddened by the Packers loss. The loss was a tough one, especially for those that celebrated their upcoming Super Bowl at half time. It was a rough game, especially as Kelsey and I watched with Vikings fans… cheering for a Packers loss. It was not the best, but there is always next year! Maybe next year is the year I will win fantasy as well! You have to have dreams.