Better Late Than Never

Marriage and Relationships

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Today is the last day of break. As much as I love my job, it is hard to give up my own schedule, getting stuff done for myself, and what I now consider “sleeping in” these days. Β Today I am relaxing and preparing for the upcoming work week! As Aaron works to get out his version of Playoff Fantasy Football to all the participants in our league (yes, I am playing… and also the reigning champion!), I have a moment to finish my blog post and enjoy one more day of relaxing in my favorite room of the house. Note my fuzzy socks, spotify, coffee, and woodwick candle! Just a few of my favorite things helping me to mentally prepare for the rest of the week and think back on all the fun times over break.

I smile a bit as I think back to the day after New Years. The parties have ended. New York is frivolously cleaning the streets of the leftover confetti from the party. Here at the Johnson house, the party had just begun!

Our weekend celebration started a little later than most but Aaron always says, “Better late than never!” I used to hate hearing that. I liked the dates. I liked celebrating with the rest of the world, at the right time. Time and dates were important to me.

Now, after a couple years of marriage, crazy work schedules, and plenty of missed dates I have come to appreciate the personalization. I appreciate the here and now much more. Some of the best Holidays we’ve celebrated and memories that we’ve made have been on our own time and in our own way.

At school, I teach my students to be flexible on a daily basis. I hate to admit it, but somedays I am learning that lesson right along side them. When I have an idea in my head, an expectation, it is hard to move past that. I become disappointed; I start to grieve what I’ve missed.

Cue the Frozen chorus. It’s when I “Let it go” that I can appreciate and embrace the circumstances. It isn’t until I let go of my preconceived notions and expectations that I can enjoy the moments that happen in the unexpected.

Some of the best memories that I have, happened in the unplanned moments. It is in the surprise that memories are made, relationships are deepened, and bonds grow. I love the unexpected and I love surprise. I just have to let go of my thoughts of what should happen before I can fully embrace the here and now.

This weekend Aaron and I have embraced the unexpected. With Aaron working New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day we had to change our plans from the norm a bit. I got the best of both worlds as I enjoyed the company of an old friend (love ya Lorrin!!) on New Year’s Eve and then Aaron and I brought in the new year a day later than everyone else. It’s always fun to reflect on the past and dream about the future with the love of my life. I love talking about our goals and plans for the year. I love enjoying time just being us together. All weekend we have been able to enjoy one event after another. We were able to celebrate together and have enjoyed a weekend of friends, family, and fun!

So here is to a New Year! A fresh start! And time to grow in embracing the unexpected. May this year bring more time to celebrate the unexpected and to embrace the surprise. It never seems to be what I plan… but it certainly has the opportunity to be better than what I expect. Cheers!