Love is in the Air



Valentines Day. Most people either love this Holiday or hate it. Or they have a love/hate relationship with it. Personally I could go either way. I love to have a special day to express to those that you care about, your love and appreciation for them. I love to use this time of the year to really express to all those that I care about, family and friends alike, how much they mean to me. I also like that it breaks up what can be a dark and sometimes dreary month (We need something…anything…to fight those February BLAHS! and if you are not a believer in the February blahs, take a second to step inside my classroom to see the scientific evidence that it exists).

This weekend, Aaron and I were able to attend and help host The Art of Marriage Conference at our church. Although we spent most of the time busy with different tasks to help the conference run smoothly, it was a great opportunity to be reminded of some of the foundational and so easily forgotten truths of marriage. It was great to be reminded of the importance of marriage not only for my life but the effect that Marriage can have on generations to come.

I am a big picture person and so, to start to see past the here and now and toward the lasting effects of the future, puts a new spin on what I see is a big deal today. It helps me to think past the dirty dishes left in the sink, past my emotions, and past today. Today is not a big deal. To be honest, I probably won’t remember what happened today next week! But when I take time to appreciate what I have, my many blessings each day, it can impact my future and eternity.

In a busy life it is easy to get caught up in what is going on all around us. It is hard to remember to look up and look out at what really matters. I was challenged this weekend, to not just take the time, a few select days out of the year to appreciate my husband and the many amazing relationships that I have, but to appreciate them daily and to learn to remember what the importance of marriage and relationships in the echo of eternity.

Valentines is a great day to remember all the love in your life, but don’t let it be the only day. Enjoy the here and now and when the going get’s tough remember the bigger picture and focus on what truly matters.