Mexico part 2


The sound of my alarm at 3:30 am on Tuesday morning, normally would not be a welcomed tune. This time,  last Tuesday I welcomed it with open arms and ready to jump out of bed and fly off into the sunrise ? The flight went better than expected, as we were expecting snow to delay our departure. Somehow, the snow delayed several hours and we did not see a flake until we boarded the plane. The flight seemed to drag on but when we arrived and stepped outside, the wait was well worth it to feel the sun on my face and the warmth on my skin.

Here we are after arriving to the hotel in Cabo after the 45 minute taxi from the airport.

After checking in, our room was not yet read so we dropped our stuff changed into our swim suits and found the pool. I have visited a few places in Mexico but I really enjoyed the scenery here with the hills mixed in with the ocean view.

After a few hours at the pool, our room was ready. The view overlooking the Marina was breath taking. When I woke up in the morning, it was amazing to walk out onto the porch and sit and read with this view.

One of my favorite parts of vacation is honestly the food. All along the Marina there were bars, restaraunts and shops that we walked to at night. The views were unbeatable and the food was amazing. Mexican food always has been one of my favorites so to have the authentic Mexican cuisine always available to me… I went a little overboard on the chips, salsa and guacamole!

On our second day in Cabo, we went on a search to Lover’s Beach. The pictures looked amazing so we set out in search of this beach. On a map, it seemed as if we could easily walk to it…. and we tried…. even after warnings… we tried….. We asked multiple people how to get to Lover’s Beach and multiple people looked at us like were crazy. Unbeknownst to us, this little walk we tried to take included rock climbing, swimming, and people have died trying to brave this adventure. Finally, after verifying that this was not a thing that was going to happen for us, we gave in to one of the many offers we had for a water taxi. Lover’s Beach ended up being closed due to the waves and high water, so they brought us to Pelican Beach. As we were getting off the boat, Kelsey and I jumped in the Ocean in our tennis shoes out of haste. Neither of us were happy with how these events transpired. We stayed there for about an hour, calmed our nerves, enjoyed the sun and the waves while Aaron tested his Go Pro in the Ocean. When the water Taxi came back for us, we had him take us to the beach on the other side of the Marina to swim and get something to eat.

On the other beach we enjoyed more sun and found some food. As we were searching for food, a waiter came and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me on stage for a Spring Break Contest…. I was not all about that at that moment, but made Kelsey come with me. After a couple requests on stage to participate in Spring-Break-Like activities, I “lost”  the contest accidentally on purpose…… Unfortunately (or fortunately), no videos were taken to my knowledge but it is a funny memory!

Later that night, after making the long hike back to our hotel from the beach, we got ready to go out to dinner and go dancing. Yes, that’s right. I got my husband to come dancing with me. We had a fun night, enjoyed seeing the area and the culture.


Cabo, although short lived, was a wonderful time and we made some great memories. I was so happy with the sun, the warmth, but most of all with the company.

The time was short but the rest and the break from reality was welcomed for me. Now as I think about going back to school next week, I can conquer it with a new energy and renewed spirit. Back to reality… but the memories of Cabo will keep me going!