3 days, 2 nights, but a much needed escape from reality. One of the greatest perks of having a husband that works for an airline is the flight benefits. Aaron and I have been blessed with the gift to travel. Within the first (almost) 3 years of our marriage, we have flown to more places than I have in my lifetime. The summer after we were married, I did not yet have a job and Aaron worked 3 long days a week, leaving us 4 days to travel, and we took full advantage of that opportunity. Although we do not travel as much now as we did our first year of marriage, we still take advantage of time we can get off of work together and we are so grateful to have these experiences together while still living within our means.

Many people believe that one of the “perks” of being a teacher are the breaks we have. I fully agree and am thankful for the scheduled time off but 3 years into this profession and I have found these scheduled breaks to be a necessity to my sanity and for the sanity of my students. In an emotionally taxing career, in a career that seems to be more of a lifestyle than a job, I need time off, whether it be at home or in a land far far away from reality. This year for me has been a rather difficult year in my job. While I try to play the hand that I am dealt in the most positive and uplifting way possible, I have to admit that I get worn down, I feel drained, and there are days that I become quickly frustrated and frazzled.

Yeah... my teachers are most DEFINITELY on the second stage lol

When these breaks come around, I have learned that in order to dull the “teacher crazies” and maintain sanity in my classroom, even when the kids seem to be falling apart, I need to take time for myself. I know I need to do this daily, but sometimes that extended period of time does wonders to restore my sanity and my soul. ┬áSometimes my vacation is a good book, snuggled up on the couch of my living room, but sometimes, I get to travel. This spring break we were able to travel.

Although I am so in love with the flight benefits of Aaron’s job, when we take advantage of this way to travel, we have to prepare with a certain level of flexibility. This can be hard sometimes when we talk about and plan for one thing but our plan doesn’t come to fruition. This time, our plans changed. Although I have become extremely flexible with travel, last minute planning, and change of plans, I still feel the sting of disappointment when what I set my mind on, plan for, and look forward to doesn’t happen. This spring break we had originally planned on joining my mom and dad in a trip they were taking to Las Vegas. As my parents have become empty nesters, they have also fully taken advantage of the opportunity to travel as well. Aaron and I always appreciate the times that we are able to join and spend time on vacation with them. As we planned and became more excited for another opportunity such as this to spend time with them on vacation, the flight loads became more and more nerve racking to the point where we eventually had to change our plans to a separate vacation.


After talking and looking into options, we decided we would go to Cabo Mexico for a few short days! While we love traveling as a couple and enjoy spending time just the two of us, we really enjoy inviting friends and experiencing travel with others! This time, I was so excited that Kelsey could travel with us. Kelsey started working with me just about a year and a half ago but our friendship quickly grew from her kind, sincere and selfless personality. We joke that we have become like family, which all culminated when she joined on a family gym plan with Aaron and I this last year. We have become like family so any opportunity to travel together is a gift I appreciate more than anything.

So there we went, on a family vacation, the three of us to Cabo Mexico. 3 days, 2 nights. A short trip but relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalizing. A rest for the mind, body and soul.

Mexico 1

To be continued……