Thankful Thursday 4

Health Thankful Thursday Weekend

Well, currently I am sitting with my mom and sister with a glass of wine on the shores of Lake Superior in Bayfield, WI. I would say I have a lot to be thankful for without reaching very far. The past week has been full of a lot of work and a lot of play. Sleep has been lacking, but if I had to pick two, they say you can sleep when you’re dead. After an eventful and busy weekend and a week packed with hours at work, I am enjoying a welcomed getaway with the girls as my sister is on her week off in between her class work and clinical rotations.

This morning my mom and my sister picked me up and we drove to Duluth and ate lunch on Canal park.
 We drove the rest of the way to Bayfield, WI and checked into our hotel and went to a winery called  All Sister’s winery. The winery was a cute little house on a Apple Orchard. The tasting was wonderful and Katie and I chose our favorite wine to take back for later that night. They also gave us the glass we used for the tasting to take home with us! I love the stemless wine glasses!!

 Later in the day we went into town to check out the local shops and eat dinner.
And now, here we are, enjoying the weather, a glass of wine and great conversation.

So here are a few things that I am thankful for this week.

Softball Season


This past weekend was softball weekend. From keeping book for Aaron’s team as he plays, to selling concessions at a softball tournament in the cities, Saturday and Sunday were filled with softball. Although I don’t play (something to do with my lack of athletic ability… Thanks mom.) I enjoy going to games and watching. Sports is Aaron’s element and I am so glad he is able to participate in sports even as an adult, connect with others with the same interest, and stay active in this way. I also enjoy watching and chatting with the team and cheering on my husband. I have come to understand the game through keeping book and appreciate the accountability to pay attention to what is happening as I am watching!

A Breakfast with an old friend

I also had a chance on Saturday morning to chat with an old friend, Heidi, over breakfast. Although I didn’t get a picture with this girl, I am so thankful for her friendship. She has grown with me since middle school and we have seen each other through almost all of life’s most major events. Now, even after years of friendship, and miles that separate our lives, we can still come together and connect like it has been no time at all. It is in these moment of catching up that I realize that our desire for connection is a God given human desire. It is rare that we find connections and friends such as these, and over the years, I have realized this and come to be extremely grateful for these people in my life. These women in my life have seen me at my best and at my worst. They have spoken into my life and have shaped who I am. I was overwhelmed with this thankfulness for this friendship on Saturday morning.

A New Gym!! 

About a year ago I switched gym memberships. I switched for a cheaper rate. Although it has ultimately saved me a lot of money, the gym location has been less than convenient. They have been promising a new gym in our area for a year now and the gym is soon to open! I did a literal test run to see how far away the new gym will be and it is only 2.4 miles away! I am so excited to have a more convenient gym to go to! Not to mention the new equipment that comes with a brand new gym! So excited for this to open in a couple of weeks!

 A Girls Weekend


I’ve already gone into what we have done so far this weekend, however, I am so thankful for these two and the relationships that we have. As I’ve grown, my relationship with my mom and my sister has grown. I love the conversations that we have, the moments we share and the days like these where we can catch up on life, current events, and get to the deeper issues that speak straight to my soul.

This week has been wonderful and I am looking forward to my last full week of summer!

Have a great weekend!

Stay Balanced! <3 Kendra