Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday, almost Friday to which I will gladly welcome the weekend. I always get excited for the weekend, even when I have to work all weekend – like this one. For some reason, everything is just more relaxed on the weekend. For those of you that don’t know, I am a teacher with my summers “off” but I never actually have a 3 month vacation, just like most teachers out there (I hope this isn’t news to most of you!). Usually I find a seasonal job, or am busy doing all sorts of odds and ends. This year I am tutoring and working at a golf course part time, along with working in my classroom from time to time to prepare for next school year. I have worked at a golf course the last two summers and have welcomed the drastic change of pace in my life. What’s better than working outdoors with generally happy people that are always THRILLED to see me (I am a beverage cart girl) with no papers to grade, IEP’s to produce, and nothing too emotionally taxing for me.

I still find it silly that I wear a uniform!

Anyway… This summer I have been reflecting and finding myself thinking about the many blessings in my life. I have attempted to begin to take more time to be intentionally thankful for the little and big blessings that I have in my life. So I thought I’d try, as a way of reflection and remembering, to begin a “Thankful Thursday” blog post.

So here it goes! Here are some things that I am thankful for this week!

My Puppy!  

I told him to sit...

I told him to sit…


This week, Aaron and I are puppy sitting my parents’ dog as they are on a motorcycle vacation in Missouri. I guess Kiwi isn’t really a puppy as he is 10 years old now. But he sure acts like one at times (except when I try to take him on a run with me, then he is all about sitting on his butt)! He has been a welcome addition to our house, especially to my weird schedule this summer where I find myself home alone often – Kiwi makes for great company!

My Friends

On Tuesday I was blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate my friend Autumn’s Birthday with her. I love Birthdays and the reminder that they are to celebrate the ones you love. Autumn has been such a huge blessing to me and I have been so thankful for the friend she has been to me over the past couple of years! Her wisdom, faith, and genuine heart have truly touched mine and I was thankful for the opportunity to celebrate with her. Nobody else I know would want to get a babysitter on their birthday so they could go and serve food to the homeless. Although we didn’t have the opportunity to do that this week, her thoughtfulness and servant heart are a true and rare gift.


Since my marathon, I have had a sore knee and every time I get back into it, the rest of the day my knee is worse for the wear. Therefore I have been changing up my workouts quite a bit. I was a swimmer back in High School but haven’t done much since except a workout here and there in the pool. Since I have been avoiding running, swimming has become one of my go to cardio workouts and I forgot how much I love the pool! It feels so good to get a good swim in and (as with most workouts) I feel more energized throughout the day – but with swimming, you get a different kind of energy! It feels good and as excited as I am to get back into running, I am loving the change!

Have a great weekend!

Stay Balanced! <3 Kendra